Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Save the DUGONG !

Hi! Let me talk about the Dugong. This animal is becoming extinct.
   The dugong is a seagrass specialist. What you don't know about this animal is that people call it "cowfish", because this animal eats plants of the sea like a cow!! 
 The thickskin is brownish colour.
Dugong swimming        The dugong is like I told you a seagrass specialist that inhabits shallow and protected coastal waters in tropical seas, more thickskin than manantees, the dugong is seldom found in freshwaters. We learn a lot about the Dugong! Now we are going to talk about its threats...

    The Dugong has been traditionally persecuted by humans throughout much  of this range for its meat hide and oil and fishing news. Its rather slow movement, large size and dependence on coastal habitats have made the Dugong particularly vulnerable to human impacts, while the low reproductive rate, long generation time and high investment in each offspring mean populations can take a long time to recover from any losses. Fishing nets have also been a major cause.Look the status... 

            This animal is listed on appenix 1 of the city and appenix 2 of the convention on migratory species 
Here is it habitat 

      Wow! this animal is great but I feel sorry for it because we are killing it. Read or enter www.arkive.org 

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